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Futaba 01000013

€ 119,95 incl. BTW

 3PV R203GF 2.4GHZ
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3PV R203GF 2.4GHZ
New 3-way radio using telemetry (only R304SB) lighter and more intuitive.
Model selection / reset model (MDL)
model name (MDL NAME)
Low Battery Alarm (LBA)
Display voltage RX (only R304SB)
system type (SYS)
mode link T-FHSS / S-FHSS / FHSS
selection DT3 (DT3)
Selection SW1
Trim direction (TRM-CH1)
Trim gas (TRM-CH2)
Trim track 4 (TRM-CH4)
SUB Trim (CH1-CH4)
Dual steering rate (D / R)
Adjusting the steering travel stops ( EPA-CH1)
Setting gases travel stops (EPA-CH2)
Setting the path travel stops 3 (EPA-CH3)
setting route travel stops 4 (EPA-CH4)
Mixing 4WS / BRK (SMX)
Inversion servo direction (REV-CH1)
gas servo Reverse (REV-CH2)
Inversion voie3 (REV-CH3)
Inversion channel 4 (REV-CH4)
Exponential direction (EXP-CH1)
Exponential gas (EXP-CH2)
Function fail safe gas
ABS function
Copy data model (COPY)Supplied with R203GF receiver.