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Futaba 01000955

€ 248,00 incl. BTW

GYRO GY520 + BLS257

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GYRO GY520 + BLS257

We present the lightest gyro in the world. How a gyroscope smaller than a postage stamp does it work? if it is the GY520 the answer is “perfectly”. It is indeed the new benchmark in the market for gyroscopes, it is lighter by about 6 grams and comes with the BLS 257 Used in 2.4 G or 41MHz PROGRAMMING THIS IS USING GYRO INTERFACE USB CIU-2 (01001501)

Servo BLS257
The GY520 you is proposed here along with a servo brushless ultra fast: the BLS257 PROGRAMMING THIS IS USING GYRO INTERFACE USB CIU-2 (01001501)

MEMS-Sensor – paired with 15 mm Brushless-Servo technology, an unbeatable combination.

Latest technolgy gyro-servo combination for helicopters up to 1 metre rotor diameter.

Gyro: 20 x 20 x 10 mm
Servo: 35,5 x 15 x 28,6 mm

Gyro: 10g
Servo: 28 g